Samsung Galaxy A Series Smart phones Galaxy A51 / Galaxy A71 Good Specifications
Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A Series Smart phones Galaxy A51 / Galaxy A71 Good Specifications
Samsung Galaxy A71

we have a 51 and the a71 which sit right in the sort of mid-range of Samsung's lower-tier lineup if that makes sense let's run down what's different between the two we've actually done a video comparing the note 10 lite and the s10 lite and they're really similar phones for the most part so what surprised me is that the 51 and the 71differ quite a lot more so they kind of pull apart in four main areas the first one is super obvious: size. so the a 51 is a 6.5 inch screen the a 71 is sixpoint seven inch other than that they're pretty similar they're both full HD plusthey're both super amoled and they both look really really good like the colorquality on these is really fantastic they look really really bright andvibrant and lush both screens really similar quality you're basically on thesame thing it's just that question of do you want the slightly bigger one of theslightly smaller ones obviously that affects dimensions across the whole restof the phone otherwise the design is really similarwe'll see they've got very similar looking camera setups more on that laterthese are two very different colors but actually the colorways across the lineis similar there's basically a white / silver a black a pink and a blue they'renot identical like the pink of the 51 is a little different to the pink of the 71but they're really close we'll also see there's this slight sort of a paneleffect on the back with sort of four quadrants and coloured six I thinkand all the textured bits they pick up the light in different ways this is verysimilar to what we saw in the a90 5G which was sort of rectangular panelslike that here it's at this kind of angle its offset a bit I think it looksreally really pretty not everyone agrees.

 I spoke to someother people who don't like how it looks so your mileage may vary I think theselook absolutely lovely especially in these pinkand blue colors these are gorgeous so let's talk about the other stuff that is different core specs vary more than I thought they wouldthe a51 is running one of Samsung's own Exynos processors the Exynos 9611 I'venever actually heard of that before I don't know what other phones that's inor if this is the first one but I don't know how to... I'm guessing it'snot gonna be super high power the a71 by contrast is using a Snapdragon 730so that's still a mid-range Snapdragon or like an upper mid-range Snapdragon soI would guess the 71 will be faster it will be more powerful it's probably alsogoing to be more power efficient because that's something we've generally seenwith Snapdragon versus exynos across other phones the other thing that'sdifferent is RAM and storage vary the 51 you can start with 4 gig of ram and 64gig of storage that's the lower specs which isn't great and then goes up to 6gig ram 128 gig storage whereas the 71 is all 128 gig storage you get 6 or 8gig of ram so the 71 I think once you factor in the RAM difference and thestorage difference and the processor difference I have a feeling the 71 isgoing to prove quite a lot faster in actual day-to-day performance that won'tmatter if all you want it for is email but if you are planning to use this forany gaming or actual productivity the 71 is gonna really pull ahead especiallyonce you factor in the bigger screen battery life is also a little bitdifferent so not so much you get 4000mAh in the smaller51 and you get 4500mAh in the bigger 71 so 500mAh difference real-life usage that's basically gonna be an extra houror two I think unless you do see a benefit from the extra power efficiency.

the Snapdragon charging is different too though the 71 has 25 watt wired fastcharging the 51 caps out at 15 watt fast charging so Samsung hasn't givennumbers for how quickly it'll top the battery up but again if you're wantingto like really quickly top your battery up the 71 will probably do it half anhour faster or something like that so that could be a deal-breaker for you ifyou want to be able to top your phone up on the go rather than rely on chargingovernight alright so the last thing is camera setup which is mostly similar butthere is a little difference and again the 71 pulls aheadon the front selfie camera they may look different but actually these have theexact same selfie camera specs I'm not sure why you may notice actuallythe the the notch that kind of popped up a bit so there's clearly some variationin what size the notch appears as and when it appears in that size why it isbigger on the 71 for the most part I don't know they're the same selfiecamera back here they look identical but they're not it's a flip of the frontboth quad camera setups what you're getting beyond the main lens is a depthsensor a macro lens and an ultra-wide lens on each of them those are identicalno matter which one you get exactly the same for those three lensesit's only the main lens when you're gonna see a difference on the 51 you'regetting the standard 48 megapixel lens we've seen in loads of phones in 2019just an F 2.0 48 megapixel lens should be really good if you want those highmegapixel shots the a 71 goes one step further this is a sixty-four megapixellens which I think makes the first 64 megapixel lens Samsung's put in one ofits own phones it also drops down to an F 1.8 aperture so take those two thingstogether and the 71 is actually going to pull ahead a lot both in terms of thecolor tone and the detail you pull out and the just overall quality 

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